Vision & Mission

Our Vision
ACEC, one of the most dynamic company in the State of Qatar, has been for over four eventful decades. Pioneer in supporting the energy sector with top technologies from world class leading solution providers. Integrating diversified divisions conversant with the procurement and contracting practices for the major clients in State of Qatar. ACEC ensures the highest level of services from the pre-qualification of principals to post support and Joint Venture projects. ACEC rigidly enforce solid business practice, quality, transparency and integrity have been essential components to our success and reputation.

Mission to our Customers
  • Professional Commercial Services
  • High Quality Technical Support
  • Competitive Prices
  • Product Quality
  • After Sales Service
  • Superior Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Extensive Product Training
  • Accountability to International Standards & Ethical Standards

Mission to our Principals
  • Marketing Excellence
  • After Sales Support