ACEC’s Range of Services & Products

Turbo machinery & Rotating Equipments

Gas Turbines / Steam Turbines / Power Recovery Turbine. Plant Air / Instrument Air Packages and process gas compressors. Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine components.

Drilling Equipment

Well Head Equipment and Products, Production Gate Valves, Sub sea well head equipment & Sub sea Production systems, Surface Well head systems.
Casing & Tubing.

Mechanical & Process

Marine Loading Arms, Pigging System, Transfer Manifolds & Spare parts.
Gas turbine Inlet Air Filters and other Industrial Filters & strainers. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Cryogenic Equipment, column & reactors.
Gas Conditioning Package, Refrigeration System, Gas Dehydration Package, Glycol Regeneration, Direct/Indirect Fire Heaters, Slug Catchers, Scrubbers, Vapor Recovery Units, Chem. Injection Package, Gas/Liquid Metering skids.

Pipes/ Pipe Fittings, Expansion Joints

Seamless & Welded Line pipes, sizes: 3/8” to 56” to International Standards.
Forged pipefitting (Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Non-ferrous).
Metallic Expansion Joints, Pipe Hangers, Pipe Supports.

Electrical / Instrumentation & Controls

Diesel Generators sets (Cummins/Perkins/Volvo powered)
Electric Motors.
MCC/Distribution Board, MV/LV Switch Gears, Electrical Panels, UPS system.
Distribution Transformers (Mineral Oil Field), Package Substation.
Control Panel System, Telemetry system, PLC Control Panels, ESD Systems.
Cathodic Protection System and equipment.
Electrical & Control Cables.

Valves & Actuators

Cast Steel/Forged/Cast Iron Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, and Globe Valves.(with & without actuators) ESD Valves and Control Valves.
Spring Operated & Pilot operated safety Relief Valves, Changeover valves, Low Pressure Atmospheric Relief Valves.

Safety & Fire Protection

Fire Fighting Equipment- Fire monitors, Water system, Foam Systems.
Fire Suppression & Foaming agents.
F & G Detectors /F & G Detection system.
Fire Trucks and portable mobile fire fighting equipment.

Maintenance/Repair and Special Services

Refurbishment of Gas/Steam turbine components.
Onsite Compressor Rotor Refurbishment/ Coating services.
Field Service of Gas / Steam Turbines.
Rotating equipment Repair, Refurbishment & Installation services.