Our Story


For over half a century; Arabian Construction Engineering Company (ACEC) has played a key role in Qatar’s development journey; as a family owned group of companies that manifested in 1967 with a bespoke portfolio and ventures.

While we always look to the future, we are strongly rooted in our history and driven by the values of the group’s founders. With massive developments witnessed in the region over the decades, we have gained our credibility along with our capabilities on strong financial and ethical foundations that paved the way for a fully evolving group alongside the growing industries and market needs.

Since its inception, ACEC has been a pioneering business leader and continues to support vibrant sectors through our network of subsidiaries, investments, and strategic partnerships. We strive to integrate our thorough experience into every opportunity and intervention, relying on our unique knowledge of the local market, international best practices and our specialized management teams.

ACEC is widely recognized as one of Qatar’s most dynamic group of companies, from traditional business to newfound innovations, following our vision to develop Qatar’s various sectors, skillset and standards.